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I'm a retired computer analyst and my wife M@ry Ruth is retired from civil service. Back in 1999 we started a couple of reef tanks, a 190 gallon and a 225 gallon. We made a few newbie mistakes (a couple that resulted in water on the floor) but we worked through them and learned some valuable lessons. As time went on we accumulated quite a few corals with mixed success. After a year or so we were attracted to the beauty of SPS corals and began to slowly remove the "softies" to have places to put newly acquired SPS corals. The more we watched them grow, the more we were impressed with their beauty and decided that this was the direction we wanted to go.

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Royal Blue hoeksemai

Very beautiful acro although not a fast grower. Each terminal polyp has a tiny green ring inside it. 1 inch mounted - $50



Purple Rain

Fine delicate branching structure. Tips are vivid purple 1 - 1.75 inch mounted - $20



Purple austere

Blue/purple branches with tiny blue polyps. Very heavy clumping growth pattern with short branches 1 - 1.25 inch mounted - $40



Oregon Tort

This is the real deal folks. This colony grew from a frag from Upscales in Oregon. 1 inch mounted - $60



ORA Tri-Color valida

Beautiful coral that is primarily purple in color. It also has green polyps and a green or brown base. Hardy and fast growing, 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $25



ORA Purple Plasma

Thin branching with staghorn coral shape. It has a dramatic purple background color and contrasting green or yellow corallites and polyps. The polyps are always...



ORA Joe the Coral

Slender branching staghorn coral with a bright green base and glowing blue growth tips with a random growth pattern and a brilliant green base coloration. 1 - ...



ORA Hawkins Blue Echinata...

The ORA Hawkin’s Blue echinata exhibits rounded branching growth patterns. This delicate ORA coral displays exquisite sapphire blue polyps. ORA named this coral...



ORA Cali Tort

Brilliant green trunk blending into stunning blue coralites. Polyps can vary from blue to green depending on lighting and chemistry. Prefers high light and stro...




Very striking purple to blue tips. Fairly dense growth pattern. Needs plenty of light. 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $15

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