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I'm a retired computer analyst and my wife M@ry Ruth is retired from civil service. Back in 1999 we started a couple of reef tanks, a 190 gallon and a 225 gallon. We made a few newbie mistakes (a couple that resulted in water on the floor) but we worked through them and learned some valuable lessons. As time went on we accumulated quite a few corals with mixed success. After a year or so we were attracted to the beauty of SPS corals and began to slowly remove the "softies" to have places to put newly acquired SPS corals. The more we watched them grow, the more we were impressed with their beauty and decided that this was the direction we wanted to go.

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ATL Meteor Shower

Green Base with Orange/Red eyes. The base tends to be either blue or green (or shades of each) depending on the light. For best color keep it out of the brighte...



Yellowstone Acropora mill...

Yellow branches are covered with long shaggy flourescent green tentacles - glows under actinic lighting 1 inch mounted - $25



Windsong Acropora millepo...

Similar to Greenpeace except that the color is a much deeper green - grows into a tabling structure 1 inch mounted - $30



Tyree Icefire

The Icefire is one of the most sought after sps corals in the hobby. Not a fast grower but well worth the wait. This one is a must for you sps addicts. .75 inc...



Tri Color Valida

Very thin branches that grow in a cluster. The base color is amber with shades of blue, purple, and pink on the tips. Fast grower for an Acropora. 1.5 - 1.75 i...



Tinker Bell

Thinly branching acro with baby blue tips - fast grower 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $25



Strawberry Shortcake

Mine is intense red and pink but I keep it under high lighting. Others report that it will develope a green base under less light. It needs very good flow. 1 -...



Snipersps Pink selago

Pinkish body color with contrasting corallites 1 - 1.75 inch mounted - $20



Snipersps loisettae

This piece is not in very wide distribution because Hugo did not distribute many frags before his tank crash. Very similar to the ultimate stag exhibiting a tur...




Thick Pinkish/Amber branches with a hint of blue on the tips that grow in a staghorn formation. Very hardy 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $20

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