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I'm a retired computer analyst and my wife M@ry Ruth is retired from civil service. Back in 1999 we started a couple of reef tanks, a 190 gallon and a 225 gallon. We made a few newbie mistakes (a couple that resulted in water on the floor) but we worked through them and learned some valuable lessons. As time went on we accumulated quite a few corals with mixed success. After a year or so we were attracted to the beauty of SPS corals and began to slowly remove the "softies" to have places to put newly acquired SPS corals. The more we watched them grow, the more we were impressed with their beauty and decided that this was the direction we wanted to go.

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ORA German Blue Polyp Dig...

This is a fast growing multibranching coral. It is a peaceful coral and can be placed near other peaceful corals. Ample growth room should be given due to it’s ...



Greensleeves digitata

Brilliant green color - fast grower 1 inch mounted - $15




Branching LPS. Green heads are 1.5 - 2 inches across. Not very light demanding $15 per head - $15



Frilly Purple

This one is easy to keep and requires no special feeding as it is photosynthetic. The branches are a very deep purple and the creamy polyps give a fuzzy appeara...



Green Galaxia

Green tentacles with white tips. Base of tentacles has pinkish tint. 2 inch chunk - $15




Honey colored rims with green eyes. I had the mother colony partially shaded by an overhanging rock and the polyps started turning pink. 1.75 inch piece with 3...



$5000 Favia

Shades of Pink, orange, and red. Appreciates good lighting for best display of colors. 1.25 - 1.5 inch - $25



Tyree Bubblegum Monster

This is the real deal! Green with pink/orange eyes. 1 inch - 6 - 8 eyes - $30



Pink Mink

Very rough texture with pink "bumps" on top of green base. 1 inch mounted - $15




This one tends to plate more readily than most chalices. Very subtle blend of two shades of orange. 1 inch mounted - $15

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