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I'm a retired computer analyst and my wife M@ry Ruth is retired from civil service. Back in 1999 we started a couple of reef tanks, a 190 gallon and a 225 gallon. We made a few newbie mistakes (a couple that resulted in water on the floor) but we worked through them and learned some valuable lessons. As time went on we accumulated quite a few corals with mixed success. After a year or so we were attracted to the beauty of SPS corals and began to slowly remove the "softies" to have places to put newly acquired SPS corals. The more we watched them grow, the more we were impressed with their beauty and decided that this was the direction we wanted to go.

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Valentine damicornis

Fine delicate growth pattern, colonies are compact clumps - tips turn pink under 10K halides 1 inch mounted - $15



Tyree Sunset

Brilliant intense orange base with very large polyps that are colored bright fluorescent green. When placed in high light the green polyps don’t extend enough t...



Tyree Rainbow

The Polyps of this Rainbow Monti are bright green within the corals center section. On the leading growth edge polyps turn orange/red. What makes this coloratio...



Tyree setosa

This will grow in a combination of forms. The same specimen will often encrust, plate, and branch. Depending on lighting, the color may vary from orange to red ...




Blue/purple with bright red polyps. It requires moderate to high lighting and will color up best under metal halides. It needs moderate to high flow. 1- 1.25 i...




Neon green lobes. Fast grower. Easy to care for. 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $15



Shady Lady capricornis

This one is a light olive color with slightly purple rim under Halides and glows green under Actinics 1.25 - 2 inch mounted - $15



Purple Smoke capricornis

Very deep purple 1.25 - 1.5 inch mounted - $15




Very bright green with tiny blue polyps under VHO, and 10 or 20K MH. Slow growth rate as a frag, but moderate growth rate when colony is developed. Much thicker...



Orangade capricornis

Fast grower. Grows in a scrolling pattern. Bright orange color 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $15

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