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Royal Blue hoeksemai

Very beautiful acro although not a fast grower. Each terminal polyp has a tiny green ring inside it. 1 inch mounted - $50




Thick Pinkish/Amber branches with a hint of blue on the tips that grow in a staghorn formation. Very hardy 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $20




Very striking purple to blue tips. Fairly dense growth pattern. Needs plenty of light. 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $15



Snipersps loisettae

This piece is not in very wide distribution because Hugo did not distribute many frags before his tank crash. Very similar to the ultimate stag exhibiting a tur...



ORA Cali Tort

Brilliant green trunk blending into stunning blue coralites. Polyps can vary from blue to green depending on lighting and chemistry. Prefers high light and stro...



Snipersps Pink selago

Pinkish body color with contrasting corallites 1 - 1.75 inch mounted - $20



ORA Hawkins Blue Echinata...

The ORA Hawkin’s Blue echinata exhibits rounded branching growth patterns. This delicate ORA coral displays exquisite sapphire blue polyps. ORA named this coral...



Strawberry Shortcake

Mine is intense red and pink but I keep it under high lighting. Others report that it will develope a green base under less light. It needs very good flow. 1 -...



ORA Joe the Coral

Slender branching staghorn coral with a bright green base and glowing blue growth tips with a random growth pattern and a brilliant green base coloration. 1 - ...



Emerald Isle

Long meandering green branches with pastel blue tips 1 - 1.25 inch mounted - $25

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