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Yellowstone Acropora mill...

Yellow branches are covered with long shaggy flourescent green tentacles - glows under actinic lighting 1 inch mounted - $25



Tyree Bubblegum Monster

This is the real deal! Green with pink/orange eyes. 1 inch - 6 - 8 eyes - $30



Pink Mink

Very rough texture with pink "bumps" on top of green base. 1 inch mounted - $15



Windsong Acropora millepo...

Similar to Greenpeace except that the color is a much deeper green - grows into a tabling structure 1 inch mounted - $30



ORA Tri-Color valida

Beautiful coral that is primarily purple in color. It also has green polyps and a green or brown base. Hardy and fast growing, 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $25




Thick Pinkish/Amber branches with a hint of blue on the tips that grow in a staghorn formation. Very hardy 1 - 1.5 inch mounted - $20



Royal Blue hoeksemai

Very beautiful acro although not a fast grower. Each terminal polyp has a tiny green ring inside it. 1 inch mounted - $50



Purple Rain

Fine delicate branching structure. Tips are vivid purple 1 - 1.75 inch mounted - $20



ORA Purple Plasma

Thin branching with staghorn coral shape. It has a dramatic purple background color and contrasting green or yellow corallites and polyps. The polyps are always...



Strawberry Shortcake

Mine is intense red and pink but I keep it under high lighting. Others report that it will develope a green base under less light. It needs very good flow. 1 -...

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